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2 x Golden Medal of the Poznań International Fair 2016 – 18 Golden Medals in total


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The Furniture Diamond 2016

The „TERRI” model coming from the latest Emmohl 2016 collection was honored in the „Diamenty Meblarstwa 2016” (Furniture Diamonds 2016)

diament meblarstwa 2016



“Meble PLUS” - The Product of the Year 2016

meble plus 2016



The Furniture Diamond 2015

The „Love” model coming from the latest Emmohl 2015 collection was honored in the „Diamenty Meblarstwa 2015” (Furniture Diamonds 2015) prestigious contest in the upholstered furniture category. The statue is a proof of a distinctive utility design, quality and high level relaxation comfort.

diament meblarstwa 2015



“Meble PLUS” - The Product of the Year 2015

Another model from the latest Emmohl 2015 collection was awarded in the “Produkt Roku 2015” (Product of the Year 2015) contest. The jury consisting of the furniture branch representatives (producers, furniture retail salons, architects, interior designers) picked the “Katerini” model as the best one in the “Sofa” category.

meble plus 2015



“Meble PLUS” - The Product of the Year 2014

The XII th edition of The Meble Plus competition was exceptional as its was linked with The Furniture Brach Forum – the event that attracted and assembled many furniture producers, representatives of stores and suppliers of the furniture industry. During the grand gala, the legendary “Chair” being the trophy in the competition was given to the “Siena” project. We do hope an excellent comfort level and design we were rewarded for will also be highly appreciated by our customers.

meble plus 2014



The Furniture Diamond 2014

The awards of the VIIIth edition of the “Furniture Diamond” prestigious competition organized by the “Biznes” monthly magazine and the “” portal were given on 11th of Dec. 2013 in Warsaw. The “Kashmir” project was honored with the “Furniture Diamond 2014” statuette. This model attracts much attention with its design and a unique relaxation comfort. We are very delighted at our prize and congratulate all the laureates.




“Meble Plus”- The Product of the Year 2013

The main prize for the multi-modular program “Mirage” bestowed in the “Product of the Year” competition organized by the “Meble Plus” branch publication. Our delight is yet higher as the choice of the jury is proven with numerous, very good opinions of our customers.

meble plus



The Furniture Diamond 2013

The „Maryland” program was awarded the main prize and statuette in the upholstery category. When making a judgment the jury took into account furniture design, originality and a way of exposing sofas. The prize is a proof of a perfect design and a superb evaluation of the producer and product made by customers and branch experts.





During a great ceremony dedicated to the “Product of the Year 2012” competition, the Ohio and Detroit furniture programs were recognized and specially honoured by the jury of the About Design competition for the contribution to creating innovative products that set standards of broadly considered style of life and offer the highest level of design projects to consumers.


meble plus



“Meble Plus”- The Product of the Year 2012

The jury of the prestigious competition “Product of The Year 2012” organized by the branch publication “Meble Plus” bestowed honours on two programs Ohio and Detroit. The great gala took its place in The “Radisson Blu Sobieski” hotel in Warsaw gathering leading producers and representatives of the best furniture salons in Poland. It was an excellent occasion for meeting with them and discussion about directions of the furniture branch development.


meble plus



The „Meble Plus 2011” honour – The Celtic line is honoured again

The „Celtic” program has been honoured once again in the „Design” category in a very important competition for the furniture branch – The “Meble Plus – Produkt Roku” organized by the publishing house “Publikator”. Choices have been made by the chapter comprising representatives of furniture specialized salons, architects, interior designers as well as colleges and institutions cooperating with the furniture sector. When evaluating the submitted products jurors primarily took into account design values, the quality of performance and the compliance with binding norms. We hope in a short time we will have another opportunity to boast about next successes. Here we also would like to add that during the mentioned gala there were also other awards under the name “Salon Roku” (Eng. “Salon of the Year”) given to furniture outlets. Many of awarded salons are our partners whom we would like to congratulate much.


meble plus



The „Diament Meblarstwa 2011” contest

The awards of prestigious competition - The “Diament Meblarstwa” (Eng. “furniture diamond”) are a proof of a perfect design and originality of products as well as the indication of an excellent reputation of producer and superb evaluation made by customers and experts. “Diament Meblarstwa” has been organized for years by the furniture portal “” and since recently together with the professional monthly magazine “BIZNES”. It is addressed to manufacturers of furniture, accessories, semi-finished articles and furniture components possessing their head offices or subsidiaries in Poland. The jury makes its choice of the best products in particular categories on the basis of the adopted design, originality and the form of furniture presentation. During the ceremonial gala we received the main prize “Diament Meblarstwa” for the “Celtic” line and a few honours for the following ranges of products: “Montecarlo” in the “Salon” category, “Belfast” in the “Upholstered furniture” category and the armchair “Camaro” in the category named “Armchair”.